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Why Jordan Production?

We are a one stop shop for all productions,  start-to-finish! With us you’ll breeze through legal and bureaucratic formalities, get more options for locations, equipment, crew & cast as per your requirements. Be assured of absolute transparency in all our dealings. Our strict adherence to best practices ensures your on-time schedules.  

What’s more, we offer customized solutions to make your production a smooth and easy-going experience.

Jordan has always had a long and spectacular connection with Hollywood, Bollywood and the international film making community. Now, more than ever a country of myth, light, sea, sand – and warm, friendly people – becomes one of the most attractive and convenient locations in Jordan. New policies and incentives are destined to make Jordan one of the most sought-after movie sets for inspired film makers.

Jordan Production Services works closely with producers to provide services and facilities rarely found in any other country. This, combined with the diversified locations and the breathtaking beauty of the Kingdom, will make Jordan a valuable asset for every major production.

In a nutshell, a producer may expect:

  • Jordan Production Services, a full service company (manned by seasoned professionals) which will provide information, location scouting, budgeting, crewing and will also act as a liaison with all proper authorities for securing permits quickly and painlessly.
  • Access to archaeological sites and other special locations, including airport hangars that can be used as sound stages.
  • Hotel, airline and inland transportation deals.

For Jordan, there’s no blanket agreement. Each project requires (and receives) its specific evaluation and support.

Film Production 

Since 1996 Jordan Production Services Productions in Jordan has been offering its facilities and services to film companies wishing to film in Jordan. Our services if you need a professional film crew, computer and research services, award-winning directors and editors, are all available through Jordan Production Services.

We at Jordan Production Services are eager to help you every step of the way to meet the challenges involved in film production, be it customs at the airport, permissions for filming, or regulations regarding security. Our knowledge of the landscape, customs and regulations, and the people who make the decisions in our area will give you a competitive advantage in completing your film production on time and within budget. We are very happy to be your studio away from home so that your film production will be a success.

The owner of Jordan Production Services, Eid Nawafleh, an internationally-known producer with a lengthy experience in film production, is sure that you and your associates will value every day you have worked with us. Investing in Jordan Production Services is money well-spent; saving you time and resources. We ensure that negotiations for you will permit you to show even greater creativity in your film production in Jordan.


Before visiting other locations, let us contact local residents and authorities to obtain recommendations and permissions. Naturally, we always try to avoid tourist traps of which there are many, to ensure you get a unique an special location. It is especially important, when shooting a film, not to waste time in unsuitable sites or hunting for the right set.

We hope that this information will help you on your next production trip or personal visit to Jordan. Please remember that you should call before visiting any of the recommended places or sites in order to verify the opening/closing times.

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