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With the Great help of Royal film Commissions – Modern Jordan has more than its share of regulations that affect film production. Below are a few of the situations that require an official film permit or letter from the security services:

closing off a road for filming

filming on an army or air force base

filming at an airport

filming in a train station

Filming in a school

filming in a hospital or health clinic

transport film equipment and film crews into the Desert

filming in a courthouse

filming a member of the government

filming an army check post

filming in a church

filming a member of the military

filming in certain neighborhoods


use of loudspeaker


use of strong lamps outside


regulation for dress in certain neighborhoods


filming in a police station

Jordan Production Film Services has the experience and language skills to obtain all the film permits you need for a smooth film production. By enlisting our help, you’ll save time and money. We know the way and how to get there fast so that a single moment of your time isn’t wasted.


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